The Lion in Winter

The Co-op of Pacific Resident Theatre

The Lion In Winter

Written by James Goldman
Directed by Michael Cooper


Andrew Parks as King Henry II
Diane Hurley as Eleanor of Aquitaine
Michael Hanson as Richard Lionheart
Zach Kanner as King Philip
Sebastian Schier as John
Elspeth Weingarten as Geoffrey
Carole Weyers as Alais

December 1st to December 18, 2016
Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm
Sundays at 3:00pm



Suggested $15.00 donation
Order online to reserve
and pay now or
Call 310-822-8392
to reserve and pay at the door

707 Venice Blvd.,
Venice, CA 90291
(4 blocks west of Lincoln Blvd)

This production is NOT a part of the subscription series

[/one_half] [one_half_last] Combining keen historical and psychological insight with delicious, mordant wit, James Goldman’s play presents King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine maneuvering against each other to position their favorite son in line for succession. Told in “marvelously articulate language, with humor that bristles and burns”, The Lion in Winter is that rare play that bursts into life from the printed page.

Insecure siblings fighting for their parents’ attention; bickering spouses who can’t stand to be together or apart; adultery and sexual experimentation; even the struggle to balance work and family: These are themes as much at home in our time as they were in the twelfth century. In James Goldman’s classic play The Lion in Winter, domestic turmoil rises to an art form.