Examiner.com “Out There On Fried Meat Ridge Road”

By Joan Alperin Schwartz

‘Out There On Fried Meat Ridge Road’ is so entertaining that I’ve seen it not once…but twice.

This is a funny, touching play, written by Keith Stevenson, who also stars in it.

Keith plays JD, a seemingly innocent/naive man, who lives in a small, dirty, rundown motel room somewhere in West Virginia.

One day, JD decides he’d like to expand his circle of friends, so he advertises for a roommate and…

Mitchell (Neil McGowan) a man with sweaty palms and a broken heart, shows up at his door.

Mitchell assumes he was answering an ad to share an apartment…not a dive motel room. Well in all fairness, there are two beds. Of course, one of them is covered in clothing that smells from deer pee.

Anyway, Mitchell, having no where else to go, sticks around and very soon, he is greeted by several damaged, endearing characters that have more to them than meets the eye…Well, almost…

There’s Marlene (Kendrah McKay) an artist, meth addict who’s hopelessly in lover with her cheating boyfriend, Tommy (Jason Huber).

Tommy is a pseudo poet who hails from New Jersey. Yes,he does cheat on his girl friend, but only with women named…Marlene…(even if they way 500 lbs) Tommy’s afraid he’ll forget their name.

Lastly, there’s Flip (Michael Prichard) the owner of this not so fine establishment…..Flip is a quasi racist with a heart of gold. He’s been looking after JD since his mother died.

This is a play that will have you laughing non stop. It will also touch your heart, because in the end…’Out There On Fried Meat Ridge’ is about human connection…Something everyone, wants and needs…even if you’re too screwed up to know it.

Guillermo Cienfuegos did an excellent job of directing these fine actors.

The play runs just a little over one hour.

Tickets are $20.00. Call 310-822-8392 or go to www.PacificResidentTheatre.com to purchase them.

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