Co Op Shows 2021-2023

American La Ronde

A simple silver bracelet travels through the lives of ten bold and desperate lovers, giving us a glimpse of the intrigue and heartache left in its wake. American La Ronde is a provocative and fully contemporary re-imagining of Schnitzler’s notorious play Reigen, also known as its French translation, La Ronde. Sexy, literate, emotional, and highly theatrical.

Written by

Steven Dietz

May 19 – Opening
June 18 – Closing

Fri 8pm, Sat 8pm, Sun 3pm
Dark (May 26,27,28)


written by Wendy MacLeod

Three divorced women navigate friendship, aging, romance, and murder in this hilarious 90-minute romp.  Set in Salt Lake City, the play follows working women over a three day period.  Enamored by her new relationship, Liz introduces her new boyfriend to long-time pals Mary and Jo, upheaving their comfortable patterns of Chardonnay Tuesday, Fun Runs and Book Clubs. Soon a local crime has the girls gabbing, and accusations begin to fly.  Mary and Jo indulge in their suspicions and play the role of detectives as they try to uncover the truth and protect those that they love. Meanwhile Liz’s 19 year old daughter and her snowboarding boyfriend ride the slopes of their own drama.  It’s a comedy about friendship, parenting, aging, and love.

“The laughs in Wendy MacLeod’s play … come fast and furious … It’s all good, silly fun, directed with precise comic timing… a new work that’s modern, lively, and loads of fun.” – Boston Globe

Directed by
Victoria Pearlman
Produced by
Tania Getty
Dalia Vosylius
Marlene Galan (Mary)
Dalia Vosylius (Jo)
Tania Getty (Liz)
Neil McGowan (Dr. Scull/Sgt. Sponsüllar)
Jessie Guthrie (Amanda)
Parker Huseby (Trenner)
Rebecca Crandall (Female Swing)
William Wilday
Jessica Peeters
Juliette Lunger
Keith Stevenson
Stage Manager
Ruthie Geronimo


written and performed by Steve Spiro

Directed by
Ann Bronston

“Terrific” – Hugh Laurie 

“Funny, emotionally charged… It will speak to your heart.” – Broadway World 

“You’re going to run with him all the way. I know I did.” – Orson Bean 

If you missed the show when it first played at PRT, or if you loved it and want more, now is your chance too see this wonderful show! UK UNDERDOG is based on true events in a London, Jewish boy’s life. Bullied and humiliated at school, Steve Spiro realizes his strength to move forward; but that ultimately comes at a price. Told with humor and plenty of chutzpah, Steve reveals how the struggles of our past can be a gift to the future and that . . . no matter what . . . never give up!

Steve Spiro was born in London, England. He completed a 2 year Drama program and went on to obtain a place on the “British Stunt Register.” (Being the youngest stunt performer on the register at that time). A former amateur boxer, Spiro moved to Los Angeles where he obtained his green card and later became an American citizen. He studied for several years with renown acting coach Larry Moss and is also member of ‘The Pacific Resident Theatre’ in Venice.

“Steve Spiro is on stage for approximately 65 minutes recounting his early years as young teen being bullied in 1980s England…you will laugh, you will cry, you will shake your head knowingly. Go see this gem!”  – Audience Member 

 “I was blown away by its brilliance. The theme: bullying and overcoming it with charm, grace, perseverance, and talent—grabs us with every heartbreaking and heartwarming millisecond.” – Audience Member


Steve is the co-founder of START Rescue, a nonprofit transport and spay/neuter group. Since its inception in 2011, START has transported over 15,500 dogs/cats from high kill California shelters to loving “forever homes” in the Pacific Northwest and funded over 13,000 spay/neuter surgeries for low-income households.


Written by Will Eno

Directed by Max Mayer

In a little town in the mountains two couples named Jones grapple with the big and small questions of life in funny and not so funny ways in this 3 time Drama League and 2 time Drama Desk Award winning play mounted on Broadway to great critical acclaim in 2014.

“Plays as funny and moving, as wonderful and weird as “The Realistic Joneses,” by Will Eno, do not appear often on Broadway. Or ever, really…Mr. Eno’s voice may be the most singular of his generation, but it’s humane, literate and slyly hilarious. He makes the most mundane language caper and dance, revealing how absurd attempts at communication can be. He also burrows into the heart of his characters to reveal the core of their humanity: the fear and loneliness and unspoken love that mostly remains hidden beneath the surface as we plug away at life, come what may…The Realistic Joneses brought me a pleasurable rush virtually unmatched by anything I’ve seen this season.”

Charles Isherwood, NY Times, 2014


Melissa Weber Bales
Brian Letscher
Bruce Nozick
Terry Walters