The Madwoman of Chaillot


By Jean Giraudoux



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Directed By

Jean-Marc Demmer

French dramatist Jean Giraudoux’s most renowned play. A poetic satire about the¬†eccentric, idealistic and slightly mad Countess Aurelia (the Madwoman of Chaillot) who believes that good must prevail over evil. She decides to stand up to the corrupt powerful leaders of Paris by putting them on trial for their greed.

Dates and Times

Friday, 10/15 – 8 PM
Saturday, 10/16 – 3 PM


Talia Gloster
Robert Eddy
Shaun Baker
Ben Martin
Jon Johannessen
Mary Polhemus
Beatrix Davinson
Alan Curelop
Pete Rockwell
Lily Rudnick
Bryan Marcelo
Jon Preston
Penny Safranek
Robert Levit
Tobias Echeverria
Elijah-Blu Smith
Dennis Madden
Laura Liguori
Katina Mastellos
Rita Obermeyer
Jack Geren
Mark Adler
Nell Murphy