A Fried Meat Christmas by Carol Kaufman Segal: Stage Happenings

Well, Christmas is over and, unfortunately, due to unmitigating circumstances, I was unable to review a very funny play in time for your holiday pleasure. A Fried Meat Christmas, a sequel to Keith Stevenson’s hit comedy, Out There On Fried Meat Ridge Rd., that was presented by the Pacific Resident Theatre Company in May of 2012 (see my review), recently held aloft at the same theatre as their 2012 Christmas offering. I must admit that it was every bit as hilarious as the prequel.

Stevenson brought back all of the same characters who became so popular with audiences who developed a near cult-like reputation for JD ((Keith Stevenson), his closest buddy Mitchell (Neil McGowan), and the rest of the gang, Tommy (Alex Fernandez), Marlene (Kendrah McKay), and Flip (Shawn Boyd). Added to this production was Chad (Oona Wood) and two “Adorable Carolers” (Esabelle Logo and Mattius Vojar).

If you saw this lively comedy, I am sure you will agree with me that it was great entertainment. And if you did not see it, let us all look forward to the return of JD and the gang in a future production that we hope will take place on “Fried Meat Ridge Rd.” in the near future at the Pacific Resident Theatre, located at 703 Venice Blvd. in Venice. The show has been extended for two more double-header performances on January 5 & 6, 2013.

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