The Misanthrop

Pacific Resident Theatre, presents

Jean Baptiste Poquelin De Moliere

The Misanthrop

A Comedy In 5 Acts Translated into English Verse
By Richard Wilbur

[one_half] Costume Designer Cara Varnell
Costume painters Carolyn Bates, Barbara Marko, Meredith Montague, Sharon Shore and Frances Varnell
Scenic Artist Marshall Wolf
Stage Managers Lisa Andresen, Kathryn Baron

Cast: John DeMita, S. Kyle Parker, Tom Poindexter, Martha Hackett, Nicholas Cascone, Mary McKeun, David Ledingham, Peter Kevin Quinn, Channing Chase

Special Thanks to Eugenie Cann-Krager of “Eugenie E. Designs” and Sharon Shore of “Caring for Textiles” for their help with costumes and to Marty Schiff and Steve Markus for their help with the lights.

Thanks to: Carey Adler, Sylvia Gloozman, Wendy Owen, Pamela Peterson, Richard Rand, Jerome Vered, Barbara Whitlock and Maggie Wong

and of course, most especial thanks to Les Grand Patrons Robyn Ferris and Gary Karrass
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