The Lover

The Pacific Resident Ensemble Presents

The Lover

By Harold Pinter

[one_half] The Cast:
Randy Ogelsby,
Sarah Zinsser,
Mark Williams

Director Yolanda Lloyd
Stage Manager Mark Williams
Lights Tom Poindexter

Eric Berne: The Games People Play

The Lover Cast wishes to thank:
Max Croft,
Casey Daly,
Scott Bray,
Christy Botkins-Reeves,
Elayne Botkin Mead,
Alicia Delgado,
Deena Burke,
Beth Dolan,
Robert Lloyd Delgado

[/one_half] [one_half_last]
Intimacy requires stringent circumspection and is discriminated against … Society frowns upon candidness, except in privacy; good sense knows that it can always be abused; and the “child” fears it because of the unmasking it involves. Hence, in order to avoid expositng themselves to the dangers of intimacy most people compromise for games when they are available.


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