Co-Op History

What is the PRT Co-Op?

The Co-op is the heart of Pacific Resident Theatre. With a current membership of over 100 Full Members, 14 Journeymen, and dozens of Associate Members, the Co-Op was formed in 1985 to allow our members to produce workshop productions of their choice. Since 1985 the Co-Op has produced over 125 shows, allowing members the chance to act, direct and produce. Since the Co-Op workshop productions are free of commercial constraints (no reviews and a budget that covers little more than the cost of the rights), members often have opportunities to take on roles which offer tremendous challenges.

Co-Op members are involved in virtually every facet of the operation of PRT. Each one provides countless hours of off stage volunteer labor to help other members with their productions and carry out the work necessary for running the Mainstage Subscription Series. This mutual sharing of creative energies is why the Co-Op is indeed the heart of the Pacific Resident Theatre.

“My only talent is that I love this little world inside the thick walls of this playhouse . . . Outside is the big world, and sometimes the little world succeeds for a moment in reflecting the big world, so that we understand it better. Or is it perhaps that we give the people who come here the chance of forgetting for a while . . . the harsh world outside. Our theatre is a small room of orderliness, routine, conscientiousness and love.” – Franny and Alexander

PRT Co-Op Show History

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