ROMANCING THE STONE w/Michael Douglas Robert Zemeckis 20″ Century Fox; STAKEOUT w/RichardDreyfuss John Badham; Buena Vista; TILL THERE WAS YOU w/Mark Harmon John Seale Warner Bros.; THE FRONT w/WoodyAllen Martin Ritt Columbia Pictures

SURVIVING GILLIGAN’S ISLAND Mow Paul Kaufman Landscape Ent. / CBS;BETTE Andrew Weyman Columbia TriStar / CBS;TOO SOMETHING Andrew Weyman Warner Bros. / FOX; THROB “Candy” Barnet Kellman Turtletaub-Orenstein Prod. / Synd.; CAROL AND COMPANY Andrew Weyman Touchstone TV / CBS;GROUCHO AND ME Pilot “Beth Bob Claver Walt Disney; OPERATION WATCHDOG Pilot “Mackenzie Booth- Ken Jubenville The Arthur Co.; FLIPPER Ian Barry Warner Bros. /Synd.; THE NEW MIKE HAMMER w/Stacy Keach John Herzfeld Columbia Pictures TV / ABC; GRAVESECRETS MOW w/Patry Duke, David Soul John Patterson Freyda Rothstein Prod. / CBS

SUNSETBEACH “Hillary Nichols” Recurring Spelling Television/NBC; SANTA BARBARA “MadelineCapwell” Series Regular New World TV / NBC; ANOTHER WORLD “Stacey Winthrope ” Series Regular 2 years Proctor & Gamble / NBC; THE EDGE OFNIGHT “April Cavanough Scott” Series Regular 3 years Proctor & Gamble / ABC
THEATRE Partial List

TOYS IN THE ATTIC Ld , v Cherry Lane Theatre; THE WAX MUSEUM Bingo Gene Frankel Theatre
LOS ANGELES; PRELUDETO A KISS Mrs. Boyle Pacific Resident Theatre Dir. Stan Roth; KINGDOM OF EARTH Myrtle Hudson Theatre Dir. Chrystal Brian; FAVORS Drama-Logue Award Winner Connie T wo Roads Theatre Dir. Joseph Lambie; PYGMALION Mrs. Hill Pacific Resident Theatre Dir. Tom McDermott; LOS ANGELES Deneice Pacific Resident Theatre Dir. Dan Bonnell; SOUTHERN GIRLS Dolly Pacific Resident Theatre Dir Stephanie Schroyer; NO PROBLEM Terry Pacific Resident Theatre Dir. Andrew Weyman; UNDER THE GASLIGHT Pearl Pacific Resident Theatre Dir. Stephanie Schroyer;

BUSSTOP Cherie Surflight Theatre New Jersey; CABARET Sal~y Bow/es Surflight Theatre New Jersey; THREE PENNY OPERA Polly SurflightTheatre New Jersey; FIDDLER ON THE ROOF Chava Surflight Theatre New Jersey; KING I-EAR Cordelia Surflight Theatre New Jersey
ACTING: New York HB Studios – Austin Pendleton Neighborhood Playhouse – Bill Alderson
Los Angeles: Susan Paretz Lembeck Comedy Workshop
VOICE Amri Galli Campi New York Carolyn Mignini Los Angeles
SPECIAL SKILLS  DIALECTS: British, Irish, French, New York, Southern  SPORTS: Horseback Riding & Snow / Water Skiing, Ice / Roller Skating, Soccer (Coached for 4 years)

Brady, Brannon & Rich Commercial Agency 323- 852-9559, Venture, Manager: Marianne Daniels and Associates 213-986-1622

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