Stage Floor Plans – 703

These are what I have and what Chuck used for designing SWEET THURSDAY
These were made by another designer along with the director of ANATOL.

The first page just gives you an overall. . . . Stage Right wall is 24’9”; Stage Left wall is 27’9”; overall Back Wall is 20’10”

The second page measures the space between several architecural posts on the stage left wall, the openings in the back wall
And the Down Stage opening which is 30’.
You do not need to look at all the stuff in the middle of the page – that was for a set they were constructing for ANATOL.

The third page I included because it shows it’s 13’ to the light grid.

The following are Maximum figures for the set, including set pieces and dressing = $x,xxx plus $xxx allocated for paint (and/or to pay a painter – but then the actual paint money would have to be paid for out of the $x,xxx).

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