Slaughterhouse on Tanner’s Close

Presented by Pacific Theatre Ensemble

Slaughterhouse On Tanner’s Close

in association with Moclalr Productions;

[one_half] Director Steven Marcus
Lighting Marty Schiff
Costumes John Brandt, Betsy Klingelhoefer and Sarah Zinssers
Sound Phil Giannikas and Thomas Poindexter.
Original Music Richard Green

The Cast includes Robert C. Morris, Thomas R. Oglesby, Del Appleby, Jacqueline Antaramian, Deena Burke, Jofrey Spaulding, Timothy Wheeler, Jeffrey Josephson, Marcia Firesten, J. Steven Markus, Randy Wendelin, Richard I.awrence Harrison Sarah Zinsser, Scott Lincoln and Jennifer Taub. Some have larer roles than others but all are equal in terms of their considerable talents.

Director/writer Daniel O’Connor’s “Slaughterhouse on Tanner’s Close” received 6 Drama-Logue Awards.

Drama Logue Theatre Review

Pacific Theatre Ensemble,
705’/2 N. Venice Blvd., Venice; (213) 306-3943.
Opened Nov. 11; plays Wed.-Sun., 8; closes Dec. 13.
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