Ron Dickinson

A native of Southern California, Ron attended the well-respected theatre curriculum of Fullerton College and trained under Todd Glenn, Gary Krinke, Tom Blank and Bob Jensen. While at Fullerton, Ron starred in: Way of the World as Whitwood, Cahoot’s Macbeth as Macbeth, Gemini as Francis, Blithe Spirit as Dr. Bradman, Rats as Jebbie, Much Ado About Nothing as Dogberry, the musicals Best Little “orehouse in Texas as the singing and dancing Sheriff Melvin P. Thorpe, and as The Gas Man in Studs Terkel’s Working, as well as the Orange County Premiere of LA. Book of the Dead as the Sergeant, to name a few.

After college, Ron dove into L.A. theatre arts, becoming a driving force in L.A.’s downtown theatre scene at Al’s National Bar & Theatre. While there, he starred in dual roles as characters Chunky Puke and D.T. in the West Coast Premiere of Sam Shepard’s, Shaved Splits, directed by The Actor’s Gang alum James Terry. Other roles at Al’s include the World Premiere of Showdown in Sonora Town as the irascible Judge Roy Bean.

Even while Ron’s day gigs have been hectic, as Touring Production Manager for musical super groups such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, Simon & Garfunkel, and Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band, Ron still managed time to star as St. Michael in the World Premiere of Best Man Wins at The Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, and reprised his role as the Sergeant in LA. Book of the Dead in an intimate showcase at The King King Club.

Ron’s showcase work led to such television credits including co-starring roles in the CBS series World’s Oldest Rookie with Paul Sorvino and a variety of commercial credits including spots for Milwaukee’s Finest, Kirin Beer and ESPN. His film credits include the directorial debut of Jay Roach of Austin Powers fame in Sony Home Video’s comedy Zoo Radio starring as Otto, and later co-starring with choreographer Toni Basil and Devo as Bartender Joe in Slaughterhouse Rock.

A member of Pacific Resident Theatre since 1996, Ron has appeared in Golden Boy as Driscoll, The Swan as Leutzen, A Question ofMercy as Eddie, The Scarecrow as Micah, and most recently in the co-op production of Figures as Holly Roller Mike. Ron is currently co-starring in PRT’s Writers Group productions of November and We’ll do it over the Weekend.

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