Penny Safranek SAG-AFTRA

Tristan et Isolde; Mumford; Siren Island

Voyage of Wallace Ramsel, Guiding Light, Wings

The Lady Traveler, Pacific Resident Theatre; Orpheus Descending, Pacific Resident Theatre; The Hostage Long Wharf Theater; Pictures in the Hallway Alice Long Wharf Theater; Hedda Gabler Pacific Resident Theatre; The Scarecrow Pacific Resident Theater; The Killing of Sister George; Pacific Resident Theatre, The Master Builder, Pacific Resident Theater; Ivanov, Pacific Resident Theatre; Michiavielli’s Handbag Gardner Stages; Balzaminov’s Wedding ; Theater Off the Park, New York; Everyman Cathedral, St. John, New York; The Last Act Theater for the New York City, New York; Hunting the Snark; Whitney Museum, New York; Caucasian Chalk Circle, Showboat Theater, Seattle; The Courtesan and the Saint, Penthouse Theater, Seattle; Troilus and Cressida Playhouse Theater, Seattle

Drama University of Washington Graduate School
Scene Study Michael Howard, New York
Singing Helen Gallagher, New York
On Camera Daphne Eckler, Los Angeles
Acting Marilyn Fox & Gar Campbell, Los Angeles, Pacific Resident Theatre

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