Mary Jane SAG-AEA

MARYJANE: a life of arts, festivals, exhibits, events; activism for: conservation of environments, history, health, civil rights. Received the SPIRIT OF VENICE Award in 2000. Illustrated, wrote, designed, & published the book for Venice 100th (1905-2005): A SEA SHORE MEMOIR. Realized 12 documentaries on Venice, 3 more by 2016. Founded 4 theatre companies, long ago. 1975- 1990: Loft Studio with Peggy Feury & Bill Traylor, through both of their deaths. 2013: began her THEATRE FARE, a free monthly play class for seniors at PRT. Began acting as her son turned 3 in 1967. Merci Toujours: with PRT since 1996, the families of fantastic people helping her forever, quite so: Orson & Alley Bean.

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