Island of Brillance

Pacific Resident Theatre presents
A Second Stage Production
The West Coast Premiere of Dawn O’Leary’s


[one_half] Produced by
Alley Mills and Orson Bean

Scenic Design and Lighting Design by William Wilday
Stage Manager Danielle Burrie
Costume Design by Nicholas Hirata

The Ensemble
Ava Bogle, Nancy Linehan Charles,
Mary Jane, William Lithgow, Jill Renner,
Kevin Railsback and Norm Skaggs

Directed by Wynn Marlow
[/one_half] [one_half_last] The play revolves around Evie, a unique young high school student who displays unusual honesty and generosity. When her older sister (who has an IQ of forty) begins reciting poetry, her life is disrupted in a complex series of events that shape Evie’s future.

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