Co-Op Updates – January 31st, 2011

January 31st, 2011

Last week I asked if you are getting the tree split up into different fonts and sizes. The answers were confusing; some of you are and some of you are getting it the way I send it out, in Times Roman 18. I am puzzled as to why this variation. The law of entropy, I guess.

Thanks to all who answered me.

The dates I gave for Tony Pasqualini’s play, Birdbrain, and Dana Dewes’ cabaret are wrong. Dana’ cabaret will run from February 10th to Feb. 20th, and Tony’s play will perform from March 3rd through March 20th. Thanks Tony and Tommy B.

January 31, 2011

Co-op: Terry Davis, our space booker, wants me to clarify that only the next two co-op slots are set in stone, or “inked.” Those slots are filled by Dana Dewes, who will be performing her cabaret from March 3rd to March 20th and Tony Pasqualini whose new play, Birdbrain, will run from March 31st to April 17th. The rest of the performing slots for the next six months have still not been inked. If you have a show you want to do or want information about the slots, contact Terry at or at 818 762 8108.

Members: Anna Garduno will resume her bi-coastal voice-over/animation class in Los Angeles in March. She tells us that this session will run for fpur weeks; one group will meet on Wednesday evenings and another on Saturday mornings. She says, “I am also doing demos for people. One of my students just signed with SBV in January and another with Cunningham.” Contact Anna at

January 24th

Co-op: Terry Davis, space booker extraordinaire, wants to “ink April and possibly May.” She is asking Robert Shampain and Sarah Brooke to “confirm your interest and availability”: she also asks anyone in the company “interested in these or in future spaces” to let her know. Here is the way things stand now in the co-op schedule (all dates are performance dates.) February 10th to the 13th or February 17th to the 20th: Dana Dewes producing her own Cabaret. March 3rd to March 20th: Birdbrain by Tony Pasqualini, produced by Tony and directed by Michael Rothhaar. March 31st to April 17th: A Good Man, Charlie Brown, produced by Robert Shampain. April 28th to May 15th: Keys by Peter Mellencamp, produced by Sarah Zinsser. May 26th to June 12th is wide open.Terry Davis’s e mail is

Reading: Orson Bean, Steve Vinovich, Kevin Railsback, Robert Shampain, Edward Tournier, Marja Ryan, Joan Chodorow, Matt McTighe and I will read John Herman Shaner’s play After Crystal Night tomorrow night (Tuesday night) at 8PM in 703. The writer will be present and you are all invited.

Members: Mary Jane tells us that John Quincy Tabor of Venice’s Tabor family will appear in 703 on March 1st and 2nd with extensive archival material about Venice in the 30’s and 40’s. Both evenings, will start at 7PM. The charge will be five dollars. For more information contact Mary Jane at

January 17th, 2011

Co-op: Tony Pasqualini’s new play, Birdbrain, opening in the co-op on March 3rd, needs a stage manager. Producer Tom Beyer says they might divide the job in half, i.e. “one stage manager for rehearsals, and then a new stage manager can step in during tech week and run the show.” Birdbrain also might need help “on two ‘special’ costumes.” On the team already are Lindsay Ginter who will provide the specialty props and do the sound design, Bill Wilday, in charge of both set and lights, and Michael Rothhaar who will direct. In the cast are Jason Huber, Sarah Brooke, Elyse Dinh, Ed Levey, Tom Beyer, Traci Lockwood, and Sebastian Schier. Contact Tom if you would like to step up: you can reach him at 323 496 2806 or at For those with short memories Tony’s previous play, Loyalties, ran for many months in 705.

Mainstage: Julia is extending through February. Tom Beyer is asking for usher volunteers: all performances beginning February 3rd need ushers. Contact Tom at

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