Co-Op Updates – September 2009

Co-op: There will be a co-op committee meeting on Saturday, Oct. 10th at 10AM; watch this space for the agenda. (Tracie Lockwood, chair of the committee, tells us we will get it next week.) If you have an item you would like on the agenda, email Tracie at Tracie says, “As always, all company members are welcome.”

The Browning Version is scheduled to open on October 15th. As of mid week, all dates from October 15th to December 20th are available. Elizabeth Karr, Czarina of the Ushers, at, asks, “Please email me your first and second choice. If you want to usher for multiple dates-great. If you have a friend that would like to usher in exchange for seeing the show, please have them email Tom Beyer at”

Michael asks that all of the following House Managers confirm with him as soon as possible at . He is happy to answer any questions about housemanaging.

September 20th, 2009

There will be a company meeting on Saturday October 24th at 10:30 AM. One item on the agenda will be tips on producing in the co-op. Some questions we will deal with: When and how is it possible to cast outside the company? Does a producer have to hold open auditions for his/her production? How much rehearsal and performance time is available to co-op shows? And, most important, members who have produced can answer questions that have come up for you about producing in the co-op.

: Terry Davis says, “It is time to put the calendar online. I need a savvy computer person to help me find an easy, workable program that we can make available on the website – not for people to ‘pencil themselves in’- but to be able to see what is scheduled where. Anybody out there?” Terry also wants to know if anyone is interested in taking the December 12th slot. Contact her on either or both subjects at

Jen Lonsway wants everybody to know about the upcoming benefit John Lithgow is doing in tribute to Greg Parkos. Stories by Heart, which John did in New York and is about to perform at the National Theatre in London, is a one man show about great stories (John performs stories by Ring Lardner, and P.G. Wodehouse) and stories about three generations of John’s family. When he performed the show in benefit for us last year, Jen thought one of the stories was like “the schizophrenic trial scene that Sarah Z did in Betty’s Summer Vacation [multipied by] 45 minutes” There will be two performances: on October 3rd at 8PM and on October 4th at 3PM. Both shows will be in 703. All seats will be $45.00; call the box office at 310 822 8392 for reservations. Jen tells us that a third of the seats were gone by midweek.

September 15th, 2009

From Jen: Jen Lonsway asks members to sign up for a Ralph’s card and use it to benefit PRT. She says, “It’s fun, it’s easy!” And then adds, “O.K., it may not be fun but it is easy. ” Apparently, Ralph just revamped their program and if, like me, you registered before you will have to re-register. But the upside is “they just revamped their program and we get a lot more money than in previous years.”

Here’s what PRT gets for your efforts. If you buy up to $200 per month of eligible purchases, PRT gets 1%, between $200.01 and $350 per month of eligible purchases, PRT gets 2% of the amount over $200, between $350.01 and $500 per month of eligible purchases, 3% of the amount over $350, and over $500 per month of eligible purchases, PRT gets 4% of any amount over $500

*Co-op:* Maureen Teefy, directing the upcoming production of *Hedda
Gabbler*in the co-op, is casting the following roles.
* Mrs. Thea Elvsted:* 22-26, sensitive, unhappily married and in love with
Eilert Lovborg; *Dr. George Tesman*:28-34, a newly married scholar: *Mr.
Eilert Lovborg:*-25-33, sensitive, brilliant and prone to alcohol addiction.
Contact Maureen at .

Jennifer Lonsway sent us this.”Greg Parkos, a highly esteemed
member of our Board of Directors since 2004, passed away unexpectedly on
Sept 2. Greg had a wide array of interests including a passion for Ernest
Hemingway which led him to take a lead in recent humanitarian efforts in
Cuba. It also fueled his interest in fado and the bulls, which he avidly
pursued in his annual visits to Spain. He became a grandparent for the
first time last March when his daughter, January, delivered twins – a boy
and girl. Greg’s wife, Nadine, asks that we allow the family a grieving
period, during which time they will return him to Rhode Island for
interment. She will let us know later how we can best honor Greg and about
plans for any local service. PRT was very lucky to have had Greg as our
number one fan; he loved our work at PRT. It wasn’t just his much
appreciated charitable contributions that helped out PRT tremendously, but
his loving guidance and willingness to share his broad business experience
when called upon for advice. He was a very vibrant man, who felt prayers
should be saved for the living and not ‘wasted’ on the dead; he’s probably
already well beyond the pearly gates, sitting in a small taverna, sipping a
fine wine and smoking a Havana with his other heros, Anthony Quinn and Elia
Kazan.’To Life!!’ If you want to send a card for the family, the home
address is 420 Carroll Canal, Venice, CA 90291.”

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