Co-Op Updates – November 2009

November 30, 2009

Sarah’s War, a new play by Valerie Dillman will open in the co-op on March 3rd. Produced by Vince Melocchi, it will be directed by Matt McKenzie. The script is posted on Val’s website: Auditions will be held on two consecutive Mondays, December 7th and December 14th, in 707 beginning at 7:30PM. Call Vince at 323 654 0634 or email him at to make an audition appointment. Sides will be available beginning this Wednesday, December 2nd, at the theatre and at Staples on Lincoln. The play is set in California and Israel in the early 21st Century.

Party:Productions are listed in the tree only when individual producers contact me with the information. This also goes for runs of plays: if you want to post your production’s performance dates, contact me with the information by Sunday at 3PM on the week you want the information to appear in the tree. My email address is listed below.

The 2010 co-op series pitch and the next co-op meeting will be held on December 12th at 10AM. Interested parties should bring in projects for consideration. Projects entered into consideration may have a director or producer attached but must not have any cast members attached. Open auditions are a requirement and the show must be castable from within the company (although shows need not have a cast of thousands). Projects need not have a set script and collaborative or developmental projects are welcome for consideration. Plays may be submitted for consideration via e-mail to Tracie Lockwood ( if you are unable to attend (please send a brief pitch to be read aloud-don’t assume we know the play and its merits). Voting cannot be done by e-mail or by proxy and must be done in person at the meeting – every present member gets a vote. As a reminder the previous series shows were 2008’s Time of Your Life and Macbeth and 2009’s Saint Joan and Our Town

Co-op: Terry Davis, our space booker, says she has now booked the co-op performance slots for February and March. The Matchmaker ,produced by Jennifer Taub and Jaxon Gwillim, will run from February 4th to February 21st and Sarah’s War, Val Dillman’s play, will be produced by Vince Melocchi and directed by Matt McKenzie and will run from March 4th to March 21st. There are several producers who have expressed interest in the April slot. At this point they are Tracie Lockwood, Dalia Vosylius, Jeanette Driver, and Lindsey Ginter. Terry asks these producers to contact her with information about their current interest or lack of interest in the slot. She also asks if anyone else is interested in the April slot. Terry advises the producers and directors who have been booked to consult the co-op handbook and let her know if you have questions. Tracie Lockwood, chair of the co-op committee, will assign liasons “asap,” says Terry.

New PRT Website: Bryan Kent is giving us all a last chance to include our information on the new PRT Website. He thanks “all those who have responded with your updated information” and invites members to take a look at how the website is progressing by going to What you will see is the public page, accessible to industry professionals and the general public. If you haven’t yet updated your information with a recent headshot (color preferred), a recent resume or bio, agency contact information and links to your website and/or reel, Bryan says you should do so now by e mailing him at While you are checking out the website, you can also look at the roster, available only to company members, to see if your information is correct and up to date. To do that, go to , type in user name “prt” and password “members” and click on “roster.” Then find your name and if any of your information (which can include your name, your picture, and all your contact details) is incorrect, send the corrected information to Bryan at

November 16th, 2009

PRT Holiday Party: Jen Lonsway suggests member “[m]ark your calendars now for a PRT Party on Sunday December 13th at 6PM in 703.” Jen asks anyone who is “interested in helping to make this the best party ever” send an email to her at Jen promises more details in the weeks ahead . .

Correction: Last week I said that A Christmas Memory will be produced by the mainstage but Jen Lonsway tells me, “A Christmas Memory has not been picked up by the mainstage. It is a co-op production to be beautifully produced by Choppy Guillotte.”

November 3rd, 2009

PRT Website: In preparation for the launch of the new PRT website, Bryan Kent wants to make sure all PRT Members are listed and their information is correct. He asks that you send your updates to . If you’ve done that already, just relax; if you haven’t, Bryan tells us that the deadline is here. I know I’m going to get to it today; he strongly advocates your doing it asap.

What is in for a bg change is the public section. The public section is the way people in the biz (or in the art-or both) can find you and contact you. The big news is that the public website will now carry links to your demoreel . The look of the public section will dramatically change, as well. To look at the impending change, go to It will happen gradually over the next few months; you’re invited to drop in occasionally to see how it is progressing. Think of the address as an “under construction” website. To update your bio and include new picture and a link to your reel on the public site, go to , click on “THE PRT CO-OP”, then click on “members and bio”, then click on your name and check your information. You can update your picture and your agency contact, put in links to your website and reel, and change your bio. Again, send your changes to Bryan at The new picture should be in JPEG (preferred) or in TIFF, your bio/resume, your links, and your agency and managerial contacts should be in word format,.

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