Co-Op Updates – May 2010


May 9, 2010

Co-op: Auditions for the co-op production of The Goatwoman of Corvis County by Christine Whitley, directed by Adele Cabot, will be held Saturday May 15th from 11-1PM in 707 at PRT. The roles open are: John, a lawyer in his 20s or 30s who is earnest and struggling; and David, the rebellious 16-year-old son of Charlotte (played by Lesley Fera). The script and sides are available on the website and at Staples on Lincoln in Venice. For appoinments call Nancy Linehan Charles at (310) 804 4097 or e mail her at

Mainstage: Marilyn has announced mainstage auditions for two plays. Pending rights and casting,one of the productions will open on June 25th and the other will be produced later in the season.

The first play, Limonade Tous Les Jours is by Charles Mee and will be directed by Dan Bonnell. It may open on June 25th for an initial 9 week run. Limonade Tous Les Jours can be read at

Synopsis: Ya-Ya is a young Parisian cabaret singer; Andrew is an American in his 50s, both of them recovering from recent ruined love relationships. When they meet at a Paris cafe and then, without quite meaning to, spend the day wandering through the city together, they speak of all the reasons why they shouldn’t fall in love. And so: they do.

The parts are: Ya-Ya: female, 18-25, sexy, French, singer, in love with Andrew, some tasteful nudity; Andrew: male, 48-55, business like, bit of a stuffed shirt, in love with Ya-Ya, some tasteful partial nudity; Waiter: male, 35-65, must sing well Auditions will be held on Sunday, May 9th from 7:30-10PM and on Monday, May 10th, from 2-5PM. Prepare any three page section of the play that you really like. Email for a 15 minute audition time slot

The other play under consideration is Becky’s New Car by Steven Dietz, which is pending rights for production. The director is not yet set. It may open on June 25th for a nine week initial run.

Synopsis: Becky’s life isn’t exactly unhappy – but from her desk at a car dealership, she can’t help but wonder what else is out there. And then she finds out. When a wealthy suitor presumes she is a widow – and she doesn’t correct him – she finds herself leading a double life until it quickly accelerates out of control. This new comedy investigates an unexpected way to escape the midlife doldrums.

Becky (Rebecca) Foster ,a woman in her late 40’s; Joe Foster , Becky’s husband, a roofer, 40’s; Chris Foster, their son, a psychology student, 26; Walter Flood.,a very wealthy businessman, widowed, 50-60; Kensington (Kenni) Flood , Walter’s daughter, 23-30; Steve , Becky’s co-worker, widowed, 40’s-50’s; Ginger , a neighbor of Walter’s, elegant, single, 50’s. Auditions will be held on Wednesday May 12th from 5-8PM and on Thursday May 13th from 6:15-9PM. Marilyn asks that you prepare your favorite three to four minute scene from the play and email Lia at for a copy of Becky’s New Car. Email for a 15 minute audition time slot

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