Co-Op Updates – March 2009

Fund Raiser for PRT: Shiloh Rules, a new anti-war comedy by Doris Baizley, will be given a “fund raising reading” at PRT on Sunday April 5th at 7:30PM. Judith Royer will direct and Conchatta Ferrell, Sharron Madden, and Channing Chase will be featured, along with Matisha Baldwin, Whitney Montgomery, and Lauren Simon. The suggested donation will be $10 and the entire proceeds will go to benefit PRT. Call 310 822 8392 for reservations. The project is a joint effort by Loyola Marymount, where Ms. Madden teaches; Channing recently made an arrangement with Loyola to provide credit for LMU students working at PRT in production support positions.

Well, I switched to G mail and, playing around with folders and labels, seem to have dumped some items for this week’s tree. If you don’t see your item below, please re-send. I will get it out asap. And e mail me at this address ( I don’t think I like G mail any better than Verizon.

There are over 25 roles in this play, from massive to tiny. It is pointless to provide sides for every role, so listed below are scenes to be used for audition purposes. They cover a wide range of types. You are free to do anything from the play, but these scenes are provided as they give the director a good idea of where any given actor might fit in the ensemble. Please don’t feel that you have to “fit” any role exactly. That is not what this production is about. Rather, feel free to show your versatility as it will certainly be called on should you join the show.”

Mauler, a meat packing tycoon: P.10 You’re Mr. Mauler aren’t you?…to P. 12 Mauler exits.;
Slift, Mauler’s Assistant: P. 14 There’s your noble P.17 Of course.;
Graham, a meat tycoon: P. 57 Permit P. 58 You squeezed us too hard Mr. Mauler;
Mrs. Luckerniddle, a worker’s wife: P. 15 Hey you in there…to P. 18 He’s gone to Frisco.
Cridle, a meat packer: P. 8 Well, P. 9 I’ll be ruined;
Snyder, a major in The Warriors of God: P. 32
Ladies and P. 33 for a while longer;
First Labor Leader: P. 46
Ladies and P. 46 Go!.

March 2, 2009

Members: Tania Getty, Elizabeth Karr, Christian B and Chris Shaw are recruiting young students for an upcoming free workshop, .Actors at Play. “If you know of any kids, or know of others with kids, please get the word out,” Chris Shaw asks us. Actors at Play is a program sponsored by the Venice Neighborhood Council for PRT and the Venice Community. Chris says, “The Venice Neighborhood Council,[is an] organization that supports PRT.” There has been “a lot of hard work on the part of Tania and others and we really need a good turn out / turn up of kids.The teachers are great and the offerings are great.” And, Chris stresses, “It’s free.” The workshop meets for eight weeks, starting on March 5th, on Thursdays from 4-6PM at the Abbott Kinney Memorial Library. There will be a final performance at PRT on April 26th. Interested kids should email or call Lucille (310 821 1769) at the
library to sign up.

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