Co-Op Updates – March 2007

Finally, co-op meetings are now scheduled for the second Saturday of every other month at 10:30AM. Future meetings are scheduled for May 12, July 14, September 8 and November 10.

March 18th, 2007

Co-op: Proof , currently in the co-op, needs ushers for this coming Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. We also need an usher for Sunday the 31st. If you can do it, call Elina de Santos at 310 664 0646. You’ll get in free.

The May 3rd – 20th co op slot was slated to be filled by Boston Marriage with Leslie Fera producing. But now that project has been temporarily shelved and we have yet another unfilled slot in the co-op. Terry would like to know if someone in the company is interested in stepping up to fill the slot. She also asks confirmations from people pencilled into the May 31 – June 17th slot as well as any projects that might be ready to go within the next three months. Call her at 818 762 8108 or e mail her at .

Company Reading Series: The 2007 season of The Company Reading Series will premiere Monday March 26th at 7PM in 703. Henry Ong’s adaptation of Anthony Trollope’s novel Rachel Ray with cellist Longo Chu is directed by Brendon Fox and will include PRT Company Members Mary Van Arsdale, Rachel Avery, Sara Brooke, Tom Beyer, Andy Carnick, Channing Chase, Rebecca Crandell, Jaxon Gwilliam Duff, Tania Getty, Amy Huntington, and Dennis Madden and guest artist Blythe Niles. Henry Ong, who adapted the novel, has written Madame Mao’s Memories, a one person play about the life of the infamous widow of China’s Mao Zedong; People Like Me, based on actual stories of gay and lesbian teenagers in Los Angeles; Sweet Karma, a docudrama about the life of Haing Ngor, the Cambodian doctor who received an Oscar for his performance in The Killing Fields; and The Old Lady Who Popped Out of the Sidewalk and Became a Christmas Tree, a tale of greed and redemption.

March 6th, 2007

Co-op: Proof, scheduled to open this Saturday, March 10th, will open instead next Thursday, March 15th. It will run on the usual Thursday through Sunday schedule with matinees on Sunday and no Sunday evening performances.

From Terry Davis, our space booker:”I wish to clarify how co-op extensions happen. It has nothing to do with the merit of a workshop and everything to do with scheduling availability. All of our workshops are wonderful and special. Each year I block off a tentative schedule of 10 – 12 co-op slots. These are determined simply mathematically starting in January through to December. As you can imagine each and every “change” has a domino affect. I “pencil” in requests from the beginning and “ink” it @ 3 months prior to opening. As many of you know, I can have 6 people pencilled and everyone falls out, 6 people pencilled and all ready to go and every combination in between. There is no science to it just constant juggling. Due to our agreement with Equity we can do 12 performances without having to “pay” our actors.

“Every once in a while when the next co-op slot is empty -due to all those unforseeable reasons- we are able to (under the radar) extend a couple of extra performances. This “extension” is usually determined during the first week of a shows production – not before and not advertised. I had 3 people “pencilled” for April. All 3 have “fallen out” for various reasons. Hopefully we can do some readings during that time. Please let me know if you would like to schedule one. Proof has asked to open a week later due to “work” and so will open March 15 and close April 1. We have no one scheduled in the April 5 – 22 slot. Please contact me regarding the May 3 – 20 slot. Which we can open earlier!”

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