Co-Op Updates – June 2009

Judy Trest, our webmaster, reminds us that casting directors often visit our website. Judy says she will update your picture, bio, and contact information on the site if you will bring her up-to-date at .

PRT Final Cut Workshop: Keith Stevenson tells us, “Tonight, July 21st, at 7PM in 707, editor Matt Flugger will be showing interested PRT members around Final Cut. The workshop will cover some principles of editing as well as start-to-finish editing of a short film (in this case very short). Also, if you are have experience on FC and have any advanced-level questions, this is the man to ask.” There will be a suggested ten dollar donation for tonight’s workshop. Keith can also provide copies of Final Cut Express at an academic discount, “so bring a check or cash if you want a copy. $80.00 will cover the cost of the program, tax and postage.” If you buy Final Cut Express in the Apple Store, Keith says it will cost $199.

PRT Film Component: To celebrate the inception of the PRT Film Component (and to raise money for a projector) Keith and Lisa Nichols are spearheading a Short Film Festival. If you have “a short film you had a significant hand in (e.g. writing, directing, starring, etc.), the festival will showcase it. The only other requirement besides significant contribution to the film is the length; only short films (up to fifteen minutes in length) will be accepted. You can submit your film immediately; the deadline is August 17th. There is a suggested $10 donation fee per film (Keith apologizes for the cost but says, “We need seed money.”) Make check or money order payable to Van Aaron Productions Incorporated and write the name of the film in the memo section. Then mail a DVD or MiniDV copy to Short Films c/o Keith Stevenson 3658 Lavell Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90065

June 17th, 2009 she can also be reached at the Western Actors’ Equity Office, 323-978-8080, where she is a national councillor. Ms Ross just got back from the Rubicon in Ventura, where she performed the second play she’s written, Spit Like a Girl.

The webseries I am working on needs locations. We need a producers office, as well as a small office and cubicles. We also need an elevator with a long hallway proceeding from it.. We need a conference room, also with a long hallway. We would also like to find an apartment where a young, very efficient female professional could plausibly live. We also need the following exteriors: a park with bench and trees; an abandoned building with a downtown look, and a theatre with a stage and backstage. We are very low budget; if you could point us to any or all of these locations, e mail or call me at the address or numbers below. My gratitude will be palpable.

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