Co-Op Updates – August 2007

August 12th, 2007

An Easy Way to Help PRT: Jennifer Lonsway passes along an “easy way to make money for PRT.” If you have a Ralph’s Club Card, register online at and Ralph’s will donate a percentage of your total sales to PRT. (“Up to 4%,” says Jen.) Simply Google “Ralph’s”, click the “I’m Feeling Lucky Box” and you will be taken to the website. You will see a list of options on the left side of that page; one of them is Community Contribution. When you click on it, you will end up looking at a form asking you to fill in an “NPO number” and your club card number. Our NPO number is 84819; if you have lost your club card you can call 800-660-9003 during business hours to retrieve the number. (Entering your home phone number won’t work.) You must register before August 31st.

Co-op Committee: The minutes of the last co-op committee meeting are on the website. I’ll give a brief summary of the meeting here; for more detail you can go to the website: to respond to this item or to the minutes on the website, you can contact Matthew Solari, the chair of the committee. His e mail address is

During the meeting, Terry Davis, our space booker, discussed the balancing act involved in assigning slots to a member when so many members express interest. She said she pencils in several names per slot and takes into account “acquisition of rights, availability of creative team, and several other factors. In the simplest of explanations, the first person on the list has dibs, but they must be moving toward production to be seriously considered.” (That’s an excerpt from the minutes.) The committee also decided to put in motion a new co-op series. The co-op series would be jointly produced by the committee and the “goal is to select plays as proposed by the membership that will be a company effort, rather than driven by a single individual. The idea is to foster a greater sense of community and to bring the company closer together on a shared project. Details will be fleshed out and sent to the membership prior to the August company meeting.” (That quote is also from the minutes.) The next co-op committee meeting is scheduled for Saturday November 10th at 10:30AM. .

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