BETRAYAL by Harold Pinter

The Co-Op of
Pacific Resident Theatre presents


by Harold Pinter

[one_half] OPENED MAY 30, 2002

Directed by Tom McDermott
with Richard Fancy, Suzanne Ford,
Stephen Hoye, Chris McCabe

Production Design John Berger
Lighting Design Eran James
Sound Design Keith Stevenson

Suzanne Ford as Enna, Stephen Hoye as Jerry, Richard Fancy as Robert, Chris McCabe as Walter
[/one_half] [one_half_last] [/one_half_last] at Pacific Resident Theatre 707 Venice Blvd.
(3 blocks west of Lincoln)

Tickets are $12
For reservations call (323) 460-2508

May 30 – June 22Thursday – Saturday at 8 PM,
Sunday at 3 PM

This Co-op Production of Betrayal
became part of the Mainstage Season

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