Alexandra Wright

Commercial: House of Representatives


[film and television] partial list—commercial list available upon request

Gilded Lilys Recurring Co-Star ABC Pilot/Brian Kirk
Greek Recurring Co-Star ABC Family
Trending:Pilot Series Regular Pilot/Kevin Bright
Nakam Lead Dir: Ricardo Salinas
Abductee Supporting Collective Minds Media/William Hopp
Mark and Eve Supporting 1020 Films/Amir Rakib/Shea Parker
Prayers Lead Dir: Carl Canwell
Rolling High Guest Star Dir: Mario P. Colli
Online Dating Lead BuzzFeed
The Captive Lead Two Brother Prod/Jason Daub
Ray Chase IRL Lead Web Series/Ray Chase FML
Harvard Public Health Co-Star Rick Rabe

[theatre] partial list — over 30 theatrical productions and workshops

Building Madness Gwen (Lead) Grove Theatre Center/Kevin Cochran
The Avenue of Saints (Premiere) Kami (Lead) Skylight/Michael Kearns
4000 Miles (LA Premiere) Bec (Supporting) Sierra Madre PH/Christian Lebano
King Lear Edmund (Supporting) Theatricum Botanicum/Ellen Geer
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Helena (Lead) Theatricum Botanicum/Melora Marshall
Battledrum Annabelle (Supporting) Sierra Madre PH/Christian Lebano
Delusion: Masque of Mortality Elizabeth (Lead) Delusion/Jon Braver
As You Like It Rosalind (Lead) American Repertory Theater –
*Most Promising Young Actress Award
Bob: A Life in Five Acts Jeanine (Lead) American Repertory Theater
Beckett Shorts: Quad Figure 4 (Supporting) American Repertory Theater
Nutcracker Turbo Clara (Lead) Moscow Art Theater
*Audience favorite actress award
Crocodile Seeking Refuge Harriet (Lead) University of Southern California
*TSA Best Actress Award

MFA Harvard University/ART/MXAT 2012
BA University of Southern California
*Dolittle Award—one actress given award for excellence in acting

Acting: Joseph Pearlman, Scott Zigler, Marcus Stern, Igor Zolotovitskiy
Comedy & Improvisation: Pretty Funny Women, UCB, Tommy Derrah, Mick Barnfather
Voice: Nancy Houfek, Mariya Zorina, Paul Backer, Jess Higgs
Singing: Pam Murray, Donna Ames, Marina Smirnova, Ramona Norman
On Camera / Commercials: Sam Weisman, Joe Hacker, Ken Braun, Kevin Bright
Dance (Jazz, Modern, Ballet): Jodi Leigh Allen, Adrienne Hawkins, Larissa Dmitrieva
Movement/Combat/Fencing: Stephanie Shroyer , Jackie Matthews, Norman Aryton, Andrey Droznin

Dialects: British (R.P.,Cockney), Irish, Southern, Russian, Italian, French, German, IPA Proficient
Voice: Classically trained with high belt (range: G below middle C to high A), Pop/Rock, Musicals
Dance: Jazz, Modern, Swing, Ballet, Hip-Hop
Medical: Operating Room, Emergency Room, Clinic experience
Sports: Horseback Riding (English/Western), Riflery,Skiing, Rafting, Biking, Swimming, Yoga/Pilates
Combat: Recommended Pass (Highest) in Unarmed Stage combat, Fencing, Rapier and Dagger

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