Rachel Townsend

(310) 990-8124

The Last Decision of President Duo Rebecca Duo Rufus Walters/Jonathan Thompson
Puzzled Mrs. Brown Carnetta Jones

Mr. Rooter Featured Uber Content
Apple iPod Nano – “Hands” Hand Model Green Dot Films
Vegas Weddings Newlywed Kevin Sullivan
Funny Money Punchliner Andy Lueders
Whammy: Press Your Luck French Contestant Doug Kass


Bingo America Chorus Voice Ann Raziel
Casino Night Voice of Casino Night Kevin Sullivan
Celebrity Blackjack Sexy Announcer Kevin Sullivan
GSN Video Games Computer Voice John Charles
The Golden Pyramid Awards Cupcake Monroe Ted Kamp

Wedding Band Julia Augustine Debbie Allen
Cabaret Fritzie DOMA Theater Co.
Unfinished Women Cry in
No-Man’s Land While a Bird
Dies in a Gilded Cage Consuelo Shirley Jo Finney
The Pact (Staged Reading) Betsy Vince Melocchi

Acting –Sal Romeo & Stacey Martino
Voiceovers –Los Angeles Manhattan Acting Connection

Dance Companies/Videos
Teary-Eyed – Missy Elliott Police Officer Antti J. Jokinen
Hae Kyung Lee & Dancers Company Member Hae Kyung Lee

Dance Training
Jazz Karen MacDonald, Anthony Johnson
Ballet Vladimir Kolesnikov, Alla Khaniasvelli, Anthony Johnson
Hip Hop Rafael Garcia, Lisa Kellogg
Lyrical Cati Jean

Special Skills
Member of Cirque du Soleil Artists Bank, Swimming, Diving, Roller Skating, Horseback Riding (English & Western), Accents (Jamaican, Russian, Irish, British (multiple regions), French, Puerto Rican, Impersonations, Conversational Spanish