Alex Bloom In Concert

In Concert


Meshing contemporary sounds with classic sensibilities, Alex Bloom lets his emotions be the driving force behind a unique sense of songwriting that is entirely his own. 

August 4 
Performance at 7:30pm
or CALL (310) 822-8392


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Alex Bloom is an independent singer-songwriter from Los Angeles who approaches music from a perspective honed by years immersed in classic music.  Subtle and sometimes overt traces of his biggest influences from a forgotten era can be heard in his use of harmony and melody, but his unique sense of songwriting is entirely his own.

Bloom recently recorded an album with friend and collaborator Cary Singer that meshes contemporary sounds with classic sensibilities, in which he harnesses deeply personal and emotional topics.  Alex Bloom can be seen performing in Los Angeles at The Hotel Café, The Satellite, The Study, Hotel Figueroa, Molly Malone’s, etc.