Co-Op Updates – September 2008

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Company Meetings: The next company meetings will be held on Saturday January 24th and Saturday April 25th at 10AM.

PRT Film Component: Keith Stevenson has an idea. “For those of you who haven’t heard we are forming a group within the company dedicated to filmmaking called the PRT Film Component. I’m writing now to solicit scripts for our 48-hour film fest. Although the usual formula would be to write, shoot and edit within a 48-hour time time period, I think we should give ourselves a little head start, given our fledgling status. So, if you have a script already or have an idea of something, send it to me by October 5th (when Lions closes.) Keep it within a three to seven minute running time. I’m thinking we’ll do a film festival on the weekend of Oct. 17th-19th, screening on the evening of the 19th.” Keith says the festival could be inhouse or open to the public. He asks you to reply to him if you are interested in participating as “a writer, actor, director, DP, editor, crew. Actors and directors I know we’ve got (but don’t let that discourage you), editors and DPs (owning a camera or editing software would be great) I’m sure will be at a premium. Crewing would be the ultimate of selflessness. List any or all. First-timers at any position are welcome.” Keith says he “ could or would serve as technical supervisor.” Keith’s e mail address is .

September 6th, 2008

Company Meeting: There will be a company meeting this coming Saturday, September 13th, at 10AM in 703.

Co-op Series: Macbeth needs the following props (or suggestions as to where Chris Shaw, prop master, can find them.) “A potion cup, aome incense, a medieval pre rugby looking ball-perhaps a medicine ball type of leather-looking mis- shapen thingy – as if it was an animal skin or a stuffed animal’s,a medieval looking dagger, a large candle, wine goblets (rough hewn -or cups/mugs, pewter-type material preferred or kiln fired clay), large pitchers (for wine-pouring) again metal, iron ageish, or pottery/clay, not necessarily pretty or “royal”, rough satchels or small draw string sacks (made of natural forest materials , animal skin or burlap or rough fabrics, for the witches to carry their magic items around in), wine-skin (for the drunken porter), bags of money (2 or 3 draw string sacks, leather, suede, rough fabric or pleather bags, tied, full of things that jingle like coins), an animal pelt or blanket for Macbeth/Lady Macbeth’s bed, animal skins, used as fabric to tie up stuff in ‘sacks” with twine.'” Chris can be e mailed at .

Macbeth is still looking for a stage manager and an assistant prop person. The assistant prop person, says Tom Beyer, will have an “easy” time of it. If you are interested in either position, you can contact Tom at 323 496 2806 or Nancy at 310 458 7537.

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